GET Program Types

Global Education and Training offers a portfolio of programs designed to meet the training goals of professional, academic, and governmental organizations that wish to gain a competitive advantage and provide their employees or students cutting-edge knowledge on current trends, techniques, and practices in the United States and today’s global market.

Programs vary in topic, length, and modality—ranging from tailor made programs to an array of programs designed to provide top quality, practical training in various disciplines.

Program Types

Custom Designed Executive Programs

Custom Designed Executive Programs are developed to meet the unique training goals of each client organization. Programs include faculty and practitioner expert lectures; seminars; visits to U.S. corporations, financial institutions and government agencies; tours of university facilities; cultural activities and networking opportunities. These programs range from eight days to twenty-one days in length and may include on-site meetings and visits to Springfield, Chicago, St. Louis or Indianapolis.

Faculty-led instruction is provided in English and may include consecutive interpretation to Mandarin, Spanish, or Portuguese if required. Upon successful completion of their respective programs, participants are awarded University of Illinois certificates.

Specialized Program for Administrators (SPA)

Specialized Program for Administrators (SPA) is a unique non-degree three to twelve-month program (spring and/or fall semester) designed for both mid to upper-level executives sponsored by their organizations, as well as self-sponsored individuals, who would like to:

  • Study at a world class university with highly respected professors and faculty.
  • Strengthen their knowledge in business, finance and accounting areas key to their career development and objectives.
  • Experience every-day living in the U.S. and expand their understanding of American people, business, education and culture.
  • Network with successful U.S. executives, international peers, and University of Illinois students.
  • Enhance their English-speaking and business writing skills for current and future global business opportunities.
  • Develop intercultural competencies to improve performance in international professional work environments.

Short Term Undergraduate Programs

Short Term Undergraduate Programs offer international undergraduate students the opportunity to study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Students will experience the teaching methods of U.S. higher education faculty and complete two courses (16 hours of instruction) on a specific theme during their three-week stay at Illinois. Students will also learn, first-hand, about the academic life and culture at a U.S. university campus and will be provided networking opportunities to socialize with students from the United States and other regions of the world. GET offers a range of programs every summer with open enrollment and also develops customized short-term programs throughout the year to meet specific needs.

Pre-College Foundation Program

Pre-College Foundation Programs offer a rigorous immersive experience for highly achieving international high school students interested in becoming successful undergraduate students at a top U.S. university. Foundation programs at GET provide academic preparation in STEM, college-level English writing, reading and oral presentation skills, TOEFL and SAT preparation, overview of the higher education admission process and personal mentorship to succeed. Students participating in the program will experience university life at Illinois during two academic semesters becoming familiar with U.S. academic and social culture, attending rigorous foundation courses in a challenging academic environment, and acquiring the skills necessary to prepare competitive college applications and pursue a successful undergraduate education experience in the United States. At Illinois, students will find an environment of exceptional education, innovation, and research with global impact, where international perspectives are integral to its institutional culture.

TESL and TEFL Training Programs

TESL and TEFL Training Programs are developed for in-service English teachers, pre-service English teachers, and English teacher trainers. GET's' Intensive English Institute (IEI) creates specially designed programs for groups with specific English needs. Its special programs have included: conversation and culture, business communication, language skills for professors teaching STEM in English, and ESL/EFL teacher training and development. With professional teaching faculty who have extensive experience in delivering high-quality, up-to-date language instruction and teaching pedagogy, IEI and GET provide an invigorating four to twelve-week English language training program for teachers from abroad that will provide an immersion in U.S. culture, K-12 education, and the higher education system in the United States.

Higher Education Management Programs

Higher Education Management Programs are tailored to fulfill the needs and areas of priority of the contracting higher education institution. Each program includes lectures by academic experts and experienced high-level administrators, seminars, visits to multiple U.S. higher education institutions, and research institutes. Networking opportunities provide concepts and practices of higher education management in the United States and globally. Each program consists of classroom work, on-site visits at Illinois, and visits to other higher education institutions in the United States. Sessions will be presented in English and may be translated into Mandarin, Spanish, or Portuguese if required. Certificates signed by a University official will be awarded to the participants upon the successful completion of the program.