Research Abroad

Individuals traveling independently or conducting research abroad must be registered to receive International Insurance and complete online safety training with International Safety and Security.

Countries under travel warnings face different restrictions for Illinois personnel, as outline below. To find out if your destination is under a travel warning, please visit the U.S. Department of State International Travel Website

Travel Warning Country

If your destination is a travel warning country, please submit a trip proposal outlining your travel logistics and emergency plans to the Coordinator for International Safety and Security two months prior to your intended departure date. Upon approval of your trip, you will be directed to register to receive International Insurance.

Non-Travel Warning Country

If your country is not under a travel warning, you may proceed directly to registering for International Insurance. Please visit our International Insurance page for more information regarding enrollment, coverage, claims form, and insurance-provided resources.

Export Control Policy

Illinois' Export Control Policy requires that all faculty, staff, and students contact the Export Compliance Officer prior to making plans to travel to an embargoed country. Under federal law, you will likely need to obtain a license from the Treasury Department before traveling to an embargoed country. Embargoed countries include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. A license is required for many activities in these countries, including conducting research, attending or presenting at conferences, teaching courses, and related research and educational activities. You should contact the Export Compliance Officer at least 60 days before any such travel in order to complete internal documentation regarding your planned activity, request a specific license as appropriate and/or fulfill any other requirements before traveling. As with other export control violations, failure to comply with this requirement may result in University disciplinary action and/or civil and criminal penalties. Learn more about Export Controls

International Insurance

Illinois requires that all faculty and staff traveling independently or conducting research abroad self-enroll for International Insurance. For an overview of the coverage and enrollment procedures, visit the International Insurance page.

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