International Achievement Awards

The University of Illinois is proud to recognize its outstanding alumni, faculty, and students whose exceptional work and service have made a significant global impact. Annual nominations are solicited for five award categories, and all recipients are honored at a banquet co-hosted by the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost, the Alumni Association, and Illinois International. The Sheth International Alumni Lecture, a public presentation given by the alumni winner, is a highlight of the award festivities. Both the banquet and lecture take place on the Urbana campus every spring during International Week. For questions about the awards or nomination process, please email:

Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement

Established in 2000 with a generous gift from Dr. Jagdish and Mrs. Madhuri Sheth, this award recognizes international alumni who are highly distinguished in their profession, who have made outstanding contributions to government, humanity, science, art, or human welfare, and who exemplify the strength of their education at the University of Illinois.

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Previous Winners

Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement

Established by the Provost in 2001 and endowed in 2006, this award recognizes University of Illinois faculty members for exemplary accomplishments in teaching, research, and public service in the international arena.

Charles C. Stewart International Young Humanitarian Award

Established in 2005, this award recognizes the accomplishments of the University’s young humanitarians whose dedicated international service exemplifies the highest ideals of selflessness and dedication to the welfare of communities outside of the United States.

Illinois International Graduate Achievement Award

This award recognizes University of Illinois graduate students whose innovative and sustained international research or public service abroad has had the greatest impact (or has the greatest potential impact) on the University, larger community, or internationally.

Illinois International Undergraduate Achievement Award

This award recognizes University of Illinois undergraduate students (U.S. citizen or international) for a significant service or contribution resulting from participation in an international study course, program, or project.