illinois international TV Show

Wednesdays at 7 p.m., Sundays at 9 a.m.
UI-7, the University channel on Comcast Channel 7

International Programs and Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, in collaboration with ATLAS, produces Illinois International, a program that brings a heartland focus to the exploration of world affairs and globalization processes.

In this episode of Illinois International, moderator Nicole Tami is joined by Prof. Adrienne Lo to discuss topics related to international students in the United States and at Illinois.


Past Episodes:

"READ Global - Bhutan"
With Thinley Choden, Director

"International Reporting"
With Prof. Nancy Benson

"Illinois-UNESCO Partnership"
With Prof. Barbara Ford and UNESCO Center for Peace President Guy Djoken

"Health and Other Disparities among Latino Immigrants"
With Prof. Venera Bekteshi

"The Future of Waste"
With Professor Zsuzsa Gille, Dept. of Sociology

"The Changing Middle East"
With Prince Moulay Hicham ben Abdallah of Morocco

"Globalizing Education in Europe and Beyond"
With Prof. Cameron McCarthy, College of Education, and Prof. Edwin Kreuzer, Hamburg Univ. of Technology

"Global Climate Change: Proof and Policy"
With Prof. Don Wuebbles, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences

"Global Finance and the World Bank"
With Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director at the World Bank

"Challenges and Trends in the European Union"
With João Vale de Almeida, EU Ambassador to the U.S.

"The Making of a Transnational Gang Crisis"
With Professor Elana Zilberg, University of California-San Diego

Foreign Policy and the 2012 Presidential Election
With Professors Paul Diehl and Ed Kolodziej

"The Atlas of World Hunger"
With Professors Thomas Bassett and Alex Winter-Nelson

"Internationalizing the American University"
With Professor Nancy Abelmann and resident advisor/undergraduate student Jeffrey Harmon

"Hungarian Leadership in the European Union"
With Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S. Gyorgy Szapary

"Iran's Global Strategy"
With Professor Hadi Esfahani

"Youth and Social Media in Egypt: Igniting a New Political Consciousness"
With Professor Linda Herrera

"Reporting on Solzhenitsyn, the Kremlin, and the KGB"
With Stig Fredrikson, Foreign News Commentator, Atkuellt News Program, Swedish TV

"A Conversation with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa"
With Rafael Correa, President, Republic of Ecuador

"Alleviating Poverty through Self-Employment"
With Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus

"Europe in the 21st Century"
With Andrew Moravcsik

"The Shifting Political Climate in Latin America"
With special guest Professor Werner Baer

"Nuclear Weapons Programs and International Arms Treaties"
With special guest Professor Clifford Singer

"Israeli-Palestinian Relations: New Leadership, New policy?"
With special guest Professor Ken Cuno

"Land, Power, and Citizenship in West Africa"
With special guest Professor Carola Lentz of Johanes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany

"Understanding the Global Food and Energy Crisis"
With special guest Cornell Professor Per Pinstrup-Andersen

The Global Economic Crisis"
With special guest Professor Hadi Esfahani